Flower ad - Corporate Headshot

Established in 2008, Flower Ad operates over 225 billboard displays in all major towns and cities across Mauritius. With a network of both short-term 4x3m billposting boards and long-term placements, you can get your message across to the right people—engaging large on-the-go crowds daily.

Whether on a single billboard or a campaign package, Flower Ad’s network of billboards guarantees unmatched scale, viewability and impact that captures your target audience’s attention and leaves a lasting impression.

You never get a second chance to make a good impression. With Flower Ad, you only need one.

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I was free to act on this one either technically and artistically. At first we planned an outdoor shooting but unfortunately, the weather worsen, leaving us with no choice of shooting indoor.

My preparatory work included to see where would the photos be used and adapted my shooting style and retouches to fit to client's website. I opt for a subtle orange-yellowish look to map their website's colour code contrasting with the navy blue.

Check it on their website.