Bhumishq Technologies - CEO Corporate Portrait

The Bhumishq group focuses on three sectors namely technology, financial services and infrastructure. The guiding principles of Bhumishq are positive impact by businesses addressing societal challenges, creation of jobs for the local people, attracting FDI, earning foreign currency income, and the opportunity to scale within a short span of time. Bhumishq is focused on pan African efforts, endeavours to attract the best talent and provides opportunities for global strategic partners and investors. Bhumishq leverages on innovation, best in class technology and game changing business paradigms. The operating companies are Bhumishq Data, the 1st pan African network of cloud data centres providing cloud solutions including cloud payments; Bhumishq Infra, Mauritius focused infrastructure and real estate projects; Bhumishq Trust - a Mauritius based companies, funds and trusts services company; Bhumishq Borse, a Mauritius based 1st electronic pan African stock exchange project and last but not least Bhumishq Foundation, the community and CSR vehicle.

bhumishq mauritius ceo corporate headshot smiling man in elegant suit Dhanesh Damry data center cloud businessman visa


This corporate portrait shooting was indeed very challenging. I had been given very limited time since the CEO Mr. Dhaneshwar Damry, very welcoming and humble, is also a very busy person. I had to fit in his busy schedule to be able to have the requested shots. The challenge was to get him out of the business mood and help him relax in front of my camera. During the first 15mins, he was very tensed but with his relatively amicable personality, it was not so hard to distract him with some jokes and he almost forgot about business.

The photographs will be used mainly for social medias, website, press and any other running projects where they fit.

If the name BHUMISHQ seems ambiguous, I'll spare you the google search. It is very meaningful indeed and shows a lot of the CEO's personality and means "for the love of motherland" in sanskrit.